J Domain Search

J Domain Search is a joomla plugin to search the domain, to find out whether that domain is available to purchase or not. Name.com and Godaddy.com site purchanse link has been included in the plugin. Ajax Search facility of domains.

Currently J Domain Search support below domain search facility:

.com .co .info .org .net .mobi .biz .am .asia .cash
.cc .center .club .co.in .company .directory .email .estate .expert .firm.in
.fitness .gen.in .guru .house .in .ind.in .land .media .net.in .net.ph
.net.ru .org.in .org.ru .photography .photos .pictures .properties .rocks .ru .services
.so .solutions .tax .tips .today .tv .website .xyz .co.uk .nl
.ca .name .be .com.au .com.bd .ninja .reviews .social .pub .me
.moda .consulting .ceo .us.com .uk.net

Installation: J Domain Search just like other extensions of joomla. After successfully installation you will get a confirmation message.

Configuration: Once you installed the J Domain Search extensions then a component and plugin will get installed automatically. Component don't have any front functionality, it is to help the ajax part of the plugin. All functionality is in the plugin. So first go to plugin manager after installation and enable the plugin. Then in plugin parameter there are few parameter like below:

1) Go Daddy Link
2) Name.com Link
3) Width
4) Result Width
5) Box Background Color
6) Search Button Text

After successful configuration then go to any article and call the plugin like below:

Plugin code example: {jdsearch/}

Then you will get a screen like below image:

J Domain Search Box

Now enter any domain name, and press search button or enter key of your keyboard, then domain will get search and result will be shown like below image:

J Domain Search Result

Note:Please enter only domain like, shopbazar, Not like www.shopbazar.com, Just the domain name without www and .com , .net etc extensions.