J Photogallery Documentation

J Photo Gallery is a jQuery Image Gallery module for joomla. It shows image from different folders as portfolio gallery. Automatically thumb folders and thumb images generated by this module. Gallery width and height can be fixed from back-end module parameter. Each category has it's own gallery. Footer shows images as scrolling and top has option to enlarge it.

Module has below parameter:

  • Up to 5 Different Category
  • Category Image Location
  • Height
  • Width
  • Background Color
  • Border Color
  • Image Border Color
  • Category Background Color
  • Category Font Color
  • Show Hide Previous And Next Button
  • Main Sliding Effect
  • Main Sliding Duration

Installation: J Photo Gallery module just like other extensions of joomla. After successfully installation you will get a confirmation message.

Configuration: Once you open joomla module then you will get a screen like below screen:


Now please enter necessary configuration in the module parameter. Once you will run the module then automitically thumb image will generate by this module. There are few transaction effect to load the images, select those from module parameter. Now once you put all those and assign the module into a location then from front-end you will get view like below image:


Now if you click on footer scrolling image then it will load at top. and if you click on top image then it will pop up with light box image.