J Slideshow Documentation

J Slideshow is a CSS3 & jQuery Image Slide Show module for joomla. It shows image from a specific folder. Automatically thumb folder and thumb image generated by this module. Gallery width and height can be fixed from back-end module parameter.

Installation: Install J Slideshow module just like other extensions of joomla. After successfully installation you will get a confirmation message.

Configuration: Once you open joomla module then you will get a screen like below screen:

Now from here you will get option to change few parameter for the module to work like you want. Up to 16 tooltip and image links can be set for this module. Now in the full image location, Put put the link of your folder where you have all the images. Our suggestion is to name the image as 1,2,3 etc. Then the order of the image will be come like you want. There is option to set width, height, time interval etc in the module parameter.

Now since you will put the module in different location in your template so to point the tooltip in the right position we put TooltipX and TooltipY location, Where you can set the tooltip position.

Once You have done all the configuration and place the module in your template that time you will get a screen like below: