J Testimonials Documentation

J Testimonials has front-end view as well as back-end functionality. Front-end view only for showing testimonials and adding new testimonials but back-end has major functionality.

New category Creation:

You can create unlimited number of category from back-end admin panel. You can also set below access level to the category:

  • Public
  • Register
  • Special

Now based on this access data will be shown at the front-end. A sample picture is given below:

Now once you enter the category then data will be listed.


Once you have created category you will have to enter new testimonials . Now to do that click on new button at top. that will bring a screen like below image:

Now fill up the form and press save button , that will save the data. There are some validation too for user data entry.



Now you can configure the component from the back-end admin panel. you will get below field to configure.

If you select yes of those field , those will be shown at the front-end. Rest of the field will be invisible at the front-end.


Pending Approval:

Front-end entry will get review at the back-end. Now here you will get those list. If you select approve to certain list then that will be shown in the site.


There is front-end parameters too in the component. So that you can set certain value.