JD FB Feed

JD FB Feed display facebook page or group feed into your joomla site with capability of feed display customization into your site. This module will ask you to enter APP ID, Access Token and Page id. You can limit how many number of feed you want to show and possiblity to filter using #key. Feed text length can be control from module parameter. It is Responsive and supported most of browser in the world with different platform.


Once you purchase JD FB Feed, you will get a zip file. Please go to Extensions => Manage => Install, now locate purchased zip file and click on Upload & Install button.

Then module will be installed and a success message will be shown like below:

Now go to Module Manager and configure the module.

Module Configuration:

Please go to Extensions => Modules, and then search JD FB Feed or look for JD FB Feed, then you will get our extensions. Click on it will give you a screen like below:

Here Enter Facebook Page or Groups id, Facebook App ID and API Secret. You can generate APP ID and API Secret from developers.facebook.com/apps/ site. You can limit number of post you want to display at front-end of the site. Just enter how many post you want to display.

You can filter any words or #key, only those post will be shown. Say your post has #mySite at the end of text. Now if you enter #mySite in Facebook filter field then only those post has #mySite will be shown at front-end of the site.

You can also limit post text length, enter any character limit and post will be shown based on that limit.

You can assign module in 1 Column, 2 Column, 3 Column or 4 Column modes.

Then assign that module into a module position and assign on different menu. Then Save & Close button press will make you done configuration of the module.

Please note that Facebook has launched Graph API version 3.0 with few limitation for public view. Our extension uses Graph API version 3.0, so some of the featured might need app review from Facebook to use our extension.

Details information is available in the link below.



Now at front-end you will get a screen like below: