JD Visitor Documentation

JD visitor detect unique ip address from client browser and stored in a database to track unique visitor in the site. No additional data are stored, just the unique ip address of visitors. JD visitor comes with 10 different themes for the front-end view. It also has option to include custom css to make it look better. JD visitor comes with a module and plugin, module is the main function to view the visitor counter and plugin helps to detect unique visitor and stored in database. There are no additional parameters at plugin. You just need to publish the plugin and then assign the module to a template location.

Please follow below instruction of how it works:

Installation: Install JD Visitor Package just like other extensions of joomla. After successfully installation you will get a confirmation message. Please enable the plugin to make this module work.

Configuration: Once you open joomla module then you will get a screen like below screen:

JD Visitor

Once you open joomla plugin then you will get a screen like below screen:

JD Visitor

Plugin don't have any parameter but in module you will get some parameters. From the module parameter you will get option to change theme and enter custom css. We have 10 different theme for the module to show at front-end of the site. Themes list are as follows:

  • Default
  • White
  • Black and Skyblue
  • Gold and Black
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Light Pink
  • Digital
  • Red

Once you are done with all the configuration then a final view will be like below screen:

JD Visitor